MCQ’s on Kerela

1. Which is the capital of Kerala?

a. Kochi

b. Thiruvananthapuram

c. Kollam

d. Thrissur

Answer: b. Thiruvananthapuram

2. Which is the highest peak in Kerala?

a. Anamudi

b. Chembra Peak

c. Meesapulimala

d. Agastya Mala

Answer: a. Anamudi

3. Which river flows through the city of Kozhikode in Kerala?

a. Periyar

b. Pamba

c. Bharathapuzha

d. Chaliyar

Answer: d. Chaliyar

4. Which is the state animal of Kerala?

a. Lion-tailed macaque

b. Tiger

c. Indian bison

d. Nilgiri tahr

Answer: a. Lion-tailed macaque

5. Which is the largest city in Kerala by population?

a. Kochi

b. Thiruvananthapuram

c. Kozhikode

d. Thrissur

Answer: a. Kochi

6. Which Indian social reformer and poet was born in Kerala and is known for her contributions to Malayalam literature and the women’s movement in India?

a. Mahadevi Varma

b. Sarojini Naidu

c. Kamala Das

d. Lalithambika Antharjanam

Answer: d. Lalithambika Antharjanam

7. Which popular dance form of Kerala is known for its rhythmic movements and colorful costumes?

a. Mohiniyattam

b. Kathakali

c. Ottamthullal

d. Theyyam

Answer: b. Kathakali

8. Which is the largest district in Kerala by area?

a. Palakkad

b. Wayanad

c. Idukki

d. Malappuram

Answer: c. Idukki

9. Which Indian cricketer was born in Kerala and is known for being the first Indian to score a triple century in first-class cricket?

a. Rohit Sharma

b. Sachin Tendulkar

c. Sanju Samson

d. VVS Laxman

Answer: c. Sanju Samson

10. Which popular tourist destination in Kerala is known for its backwaters and houseboats?

a. Munnar

b. Thekkady

c. Alleppey

d. Varkala

Answer: c. Alleppey (also known as Alappuzha)